The history of the Torano family dates back to 1916 when Don Santiago Torano emigrated from Spain to Cuba and became a leaf tobacco broker. By 1959, the Torano family had become one of the biggest and best-known tobacco growers in Cuba. Today, the Torano family owns and operates cigar factories in both Honduras and Nicaragua, and produces almost 20 million cigars annually. The Torano cigar line features a variety of flavorful and expertly constructed cigars, from the Exodus Silver to the 1916 Cameroon. Experience the Torano family dedication to the fine art of cigar-making today.

In addition to their own line of cigars, the Toranos also make cigars for such reputable brands as Gurkha, Alec Bradley and CAO. Today the company is overseen by father and son Charlie and Carlos who maintain the tradition set forth by their forefathers.