"Defying the laws of space and time, with a single puff, one man can escape to many worlds from anywhere he happens to be. Let us escape together." The words of Tim Ozgener, the current CAO president, could not be any truer. CAO has a number of blends and every one of them should have their own place in your humidor. Try the 65th Anniversery blend for a rich and complex cigar developed for CAO Founder Cano A. Ozgener's 65th birthday. The Brazilia blend offers a full-bodied rich and peppery taste, or CAO's newest blend, America, offers a rich and diverse blend of tobaccos from five different countries and a world-class, uniquely designed double Connecticut wrapper. A single puff can transport you anywhere. In the case of a puff from any of these CAO cigars, there is only one place you will be taken - heaven. Cao Cigars